Volume 1 Edit

No. Date Caption Description
1 Feb. 23, 2015 link Picture of a girl with twintails, wearing a frilly swimsuit and holding a swim ring.
2 Mar. 2, 2015 link Picture of a girl with a side ponytail, straw hat and a o-ring bikini.
3 Mar. 9, 2015 link Picture of a girl with short wavy hair tied with a scrunchie, wearing a light-colored two-piece bikini.
4 Mar. 16, 2015 link Picture of a girl wading in the water that resembles the girl in #1.
5 Mar. 23, 2015 link Picture of a dark-haired girl with long forelocks wearing a string bikini.
6 Mar. 30, 2015 link Picture of a girl with short dark-colored hair wearing a string bikini while doing a stretch.
7 Apr. 5, 2015 link Picture of a girl teasing the viewer by sitting down while her bikini top is undone, her breasts barely obscured by her arms.
8 Apr. 13, 2015 link Picture of a short-haired girl in a string bikini. The girl has a seemingly annoyed expression.
9 Apr. 20, 2015 link Picture of a girl in a bob cut, wearing a jacket over her frilly string bikini.
10 Apr. 27, 2015 link Picture of a girl spreading open her jacket to reveal the bikini she is wearing.
11 May 4, 2015 "There are also people without someone else this Golden Week" Picture of a girl with a short ponytail and wearing a string bikini while sitting on a beach blanket. Note the visible fang.
SP May 7, 2015 Golden Week Special Picture of a girl waking up naked aside from an oversized dress shirt.
12 May 11, 2015 link Picture of a girl with voluminous twintails and a dark-colored frilly bikini.
13 May 18, 2015 link Picture of a girl lying down under a canopied beach blanket, playing with the strap of her bikini.
14 May 25, 2015 link Picture of the girl on #11, sitting on the bed with her arms squeezing her breasts.
15 Jun. 1, 2015 link Low-angle picture of a girl with short forelocks wearing a bikini bottom that resembles a pair of jeans.
16 Jun. 8, 2015 link Picture of a girl with twintails and long forelocks with her arms on her hips. She bears an impatient expression on her face.
17 Jun. 15, 2015 link Picture of a girl in a bob cut, sitting on a bed patiently while wearing only a bikini.
18 Jun. 22, 2015 link Picture of a girl wearing a very skimpy bikini. She seemingly has the viewer held around its neck while showing a teasing expression.
19 Jun. 29, 2015 link Picture of a girl with light wavy hair showing off the floral design of her bikini.
20 Jul. 6, 2015 link Picture of a long-haired girl emerging from the water after scuba diving, oblivious to the fact that her bikini has come loose.
21 Jul. 13, 2015 link Picture of a girl with a side ponytail, with an embarrassed expression while pressing down her untied striped bikini top in place.
22 Jul. 20, 2015 link Picture of a short-haired girl stripping down her school uniform to reveal a flowery bikini underneath.
23 Jul. 27, 2015 link Underwater-angle shot of a girl wading on the water while holding on a swim ring.
24 Aug. 3, 2015 link Picture of a girl with asymmetrical forelocks and a side ponytail, embarrassed to show the string bikini she is wearing or trying out.
25 Aug. 10, 2015 link Picture of a girl lying on her belly, with her bikini top untied. A bottle of sunscreen is located nearby.
26 Aug. 17, 2015 link Picture of a girl with light-colored hair in a pixie cut, sitting on the rocks.
27 Aug. 24, 2015 link Picture of a girl in a bob cut being embraced from behind by another girl with twintails. Both girls are dressed in bikinis.
28 Aug. 31, 2015 link Picture of a girl with a mischievous expression while seemingly having the viewer pinned down on the ground.
29 Sept. 7, 2015 link Picture of a girl posing on the camera while wearing a sweater and thigh-high socks.
30 Sept. 14, 2015 link Picture of a girl stripping down her school uniform to reveal her white camisole and black lace undergarments.
31 Sept. 21, 2015 link Picture of a girl with long light-colored hair and glasses. She creeps up on the viewer from under a blanket, wearing totally nothing.
32 Sept. 28, 2015 link Picture of a student chatting with her friends while drinking fresh milk from Himura Dairy Industry.
33 Oct. 5, 2015 link Picture of a student rushing down a flight of stairs. (This girl will later be introduced as Ai-chan.)
34 Oct. 12, 2015 "Autumn of fruit-bearing, autumn of harvest" Ai-chan sprawled on a bed, her blazer jacket spread open. Ai-chan covers her face slightly.
35 Oct. 17, 2015 link Several schoolgirls on the locker room.
36 Oct. 24, 2015 link Ai-chan makes a shy greeting.
37 Nov. 1, 2015 link A salaryman enters the bread shop Ai-chan works at as she tends to some customers. Note the missing button on her work dress.
38 Nov. 8, 2015 "Add this to last week's, if you don't mind" Ai-chan meets with the salaryman to hand over another set of her work clothes with a missing button.
39 Nov. 15, 2015 "Younger sister" Introducing Ai-chan's younger sister.
40 Nov. 22, 2015 "What follows #37 and #38" Ai-chan agrees to have her picture taken while wearing the work dress with a missing button.
41 Nov. 29, 2015 "See also #37-40" Ai-chan's younger sister calls Ai-chan at a terribly bad time.
42 Dec. 7, 2015 "Ribbed sweater and glasses" Ai-chan prepares a hot drink for the salaryman while wearing glasses and a sweater, then sits on his lap.
43 Dec. 14, 2015 "Jitome-chan" Introducing Jitome-chan, the girl with a terrible glare and a just-as-terrible complex about her bust size.
44 Dec. 21, 2015 "Jitome-chan's family shrine" After breaking many zippers in the process, Jitome-chan fulfills her shrine maiden duties with a pair of unrestrained breasts.
45 Dec. 28, 2015 "Crowded train" The salaryman struggles to keep his resolve as he shares a crowded train ride with Ai-chan.

Volume 2Edit

No. Date Caption Description
46 Jan. 4, 2016 "Sisters overly packed with nutrients" Ai-chan and her sister enjoys a bowl of mochi soup their mother has prepared for the new year.
47 Jan. 11, 2016 "Coming-of-age ceremony afterparty"[notes vol2 1] A boy reunites with a classmate from middle school that has "somehow changed" since their last meeting.
48 Jan. 18, 2016 "It's usually other way around, isn't it?" The salaryman notices that Ai-chan keeps her blazer unbuttoned. Ai-chan decides to let him do her buttons this time.
49 Jan. 25, 2016 "Looks like there's no way we can go out today" As "record-breaking snowfall" happens outside, Ai-chan decides to spend the day on the salaryman's apartment unit.
50 Feb. 1, 2016 "Marathon" Ai-chan recalls the painful experience of having to join the school marathon event.
51 Feb. 8, 2016 "Jealous, ain'tcha?" Ai-chan's friend Volley-bu-chan teases the boys by getting two handfuls of Ai-chan's softness.
52 Feb. 15, 2016 "Home delivery" A deliveryman stumbles upon Ai-chan (hastily wearing her work dress) answering to the door of the salaryman's apartment unit.
53 Feb. 22, 2016 "Convenience store" Miss Tokumori, a convenience store clerk, assists a male customer in his purchase.
54 Feb. 29, 2016 "Twins" A pair of twins, wearing hairstyles that mirror the other, pose in their uniforms with their bodies pressed against each other.
55 Mar. 7, 2016 "Graduation album" Ai-chan shows her graduation album to the salaryman. Note the focus on her breasts.
56 Mar. 14, 2016 "Graduation album, part 2" Ai-chan changes back to her middle school look, when she was still the class representative.
57 Mar. 21, 2016 "Absolutely painless dental assistant" Introducing the Dentist and her unique way of making dental appointments a painless activity.
58 Mar. 28, 2016 "Are - you - done?" After the dental appointment (see the rustled hair), the salaryman visits the bread shop Ai-chan works at for a quick meal.
59 Apr. 4, 2016 "Decoration" Ai-chan and the salaryman meet at the train station, with Ai-chan's school uniform sprinkled with cherry petals.
60 Apr. 11, 2016 "Come on Senpai, the train's here you know? (Even though I told you not to stay up late...)" While Ai-chan and the salaryman board the train, an office lady (Kouhai-chan) goes to wake up her sleeping senior.
61 Apr. 18, 2016 "C'mon, stretch your back more! ...Huh, when did you get so concerned about your height?" During the school physical exams, Ai-chan struggles to meet her desired height.
62 Apr. 25, 2016 "This is unfair!!!" Ai-chan meets her nemesis, the bathroom scale, and asks Volley-bu-chan for some assistance.
63 May 2, 2016 "Two large round shadows" Continuing on her physical exams, Ai-chan takes her X-ray.
64 May 9, 2016 "A prim, yet defenseless junior co-worker" Kouhai-chan ends up sleeping on her senior's shoulder during the long ride to their workplace.
65 May 16, 2016 "Lively swaying identification card" Kouhai-chan begins her work in the office, and she immediately makes an impression to her colleagues.
66 May 23, 2016 "This machine? That's right~... let's do our best doing 2 sets of 10 reps, with the chest reaching the thighs!" "...It won't reach." Trainer-san shows up by briefing a new customer... and showing her advantage in some parts.
67 May 30, 2016 "How is it? Looks breezy, doesn't it?" "Seriously... the way warmth passes through it is totally different..." "?" Ai-chan goes to school using the summer uniform, and comments on how it feels to the salaryman, much to his chagrin.
68 Jun. 6, 2016 "Senpai... The computer broke...!" Kouhai-chan stumbles on a computer problem that was more easily solvable than it seems...
69 Jun. 13, 2016 "A novice nurse who nobody makes a complaint to" A man is on the receiving end of a struggling newbie nurse's attempt to take blood samples.
70 Jun. 20, 2016 "My best friend that I'm proud of" Ai-chan cheers on as Volley-bu-chan competes on a volleyball competition.
71 Jun. 27, 2016 "S-Such a gentle receive...!" At PE class, Ai-chan finds another way of receiving a volleyball.
72 Jul. 4, 2016 "Ahh ❤" Summer eventually hits Kouhai-chan and her senior, and Senpai decides to share his portable fan to Kouhai-chan, with unexpected results.
73 Jul. 11, 2016 "Ms. Election Campaign Promoter" Several well-endowed ladies show up to support for a candidate on an upcoming election.
74 Jul. 18, 2016 "It's fine, there's nothing to be embarrassed about between us girls, right? Showing off like that, it's not like there's anyone else who could see it ♪" "Yes. There. Is!" "Get back to work." The salaryman dreams about seeing Ai-chan and Volley-bu-chan having shenanigans together. His boss has other ideas.
75 Jul. 25, 2016 "About that highschooler that suddenly appeared during the Koushien Qualifiers broadcast" Ai-chan suddenly shows up cheering during the live TV broadcast of the Koushien Qualifiers. The Internet responds promptly.[notes vol2 2]
76 Aug. 1, 2016 "IT BOUNCED OFF!" A game of Pokémon GO goes wrong when Senpai's Pokéball bounces off "something".
77 Aug. 8, 2016 "A powerful high school team's cunning choreography" Introducing Chia-chan and her high school cheerleading team.

Notes Edit

  1. The coming-of-age ceremony is the celebration of a person's attainment of adulthood. In Japan, a person is considered an adult upon reaching the age of 20 years.
  2. Koushien Stadium is the venue of the two annual national championships of Japanese baseball.

Volume 3 Edit

No. Date Caption Description
78 Aug. 15, 2016 "Grandpa, we're here!" "Oh oh, welcom... You girls have gotten soooo big..." Ai-chan joins her younger sister and mother to visit their grandfather, which is astounded by how much they've grown over time.
79 Aug. 22, 2016 "Guess we'll just have to head back home, yeah?" " nice... your house is so close, sempai..." During a powerful rainstorm, Kouhai-chan suggests going somewhere close to wait out the rain...
80 Aug. 29, 2016 "Radio calisthenics that forms the long line" An instructor leading the morning radio calisthenics brings more than just the kids of the neighborhood...
81 Sept. 5, 2016 "How do you take your milk?" Tawawa Coffee is open for milk and coffee lovers alike!
82 Sept. 12, 2016 "Failed-In-Some-Area Cross-dressing Butler Cafe" Ai-chan and Volley-bu-chan dress up in a themed cafe for the school festival, although Ai-chan doesn't seem to look the part.
83 Sept. 19, 2016 ver 1: "Profoundly heavy light music club."
ver 2: "I... I can't see my hands!"
The school's light music club performs on the school festival, only for the lead guitarist to encounter a problem!
84 Sept. 26, 2016 "An Oktoberfest that won't lose to the real thing" Senpai invites Kouhai-chan to an Oktoberfest event and Kouhai-chan turns down the chance to dress the part.
85 Oct. 3, 2016 "Is this a magnifying glass?" A man goes to an eyewear shop to buy glasses and finds another astounding sight.
86 Oct. 10, 2016 "Make sure to come and watch it here too, okay?" LINK Ai-chan rests her smartphone on her breasts as she invites the salaryman to watch the first episode of the Getsuyoubi no Tawawa web anime series.
87 Oct. 17, 2016 "The door won't close..." The train has gotten so crowded that Kouhai-chan's breasts can't fit in!
88 Oct. 24, 2016 "...? You can take a breath, you know?" Trainer-san provides some swimming lessons.
89 Oct. 31, 2016 "...Halloween cosplay?" "It's. For. Work. Study...!" Ai-chan confronts the salaryman about why she had to dress up as a nurse one time.
90 Nov. 7, 2016 "Um...sis?, what about club?" "There is something more important here than Spring League." Volley-bu-chan is in bliss while Ai-chan and her younger sister are sleeping by her side.
91 Nov. 14, 2016 "Beaujolais nyuubou❤"[notes vol3 1] Kouhai-chan becomes drunk with red wine while Senpai has to deal with the consequences.
92 Nov. 21, 2016 "I can't wipe it..." Ai-chan has to keep the salaryman in check as a trainee assists them in a gas station.
93 Nov. 28, 2016 "Unawareness" Learning from an experience at a salon, the Dentist ends up using her breasts to perform a painless dental procedure.
94 Dec. 5, 2016 "Who's the ones who ordered the squeezed Kyoho grape wine~?"[notes vol3 2] An izakaya is teeming with customers, with one well-endowed server ready to assist.
95 Dec. 12, 2016 "The left hand stays relaxed" Volley-bu-chan teaches Ai-chan on proper basketball handling while taking advantage of the moment.
96 Dec. 19, 2016 "The newly developed soft bottle" A convenience store customer was looking for something cold, but ended up with something soft and warm instead.
97 Dec. 26, 2016 "With your size, Ma'am...the price is a bit..." Ai-chan painfully lets go of 20,000 yen just for a pair of custom-fit bras.

Notes Edit

  1. Beaujolais nouveau is a red wine and the word "nyuu" means "breast".
  2. Kyoho grapes are a variety of Japanese grape frequently used as dessert or an ingredient in chuhai cocktails.

Volume 4 Edit

No. Date Caption Description
98 Jan. 2, 2017 "Kagamimoch..."[notes vol4 1] During the busy new year celebrations, shrine maiden Jitome-chan goes for a break, only to end up pranked by a fellow shrine employee.
99 Jan. 9, 2017 "Emergency kagami-birak..."[notes vol4 2] As Jitome-chan struggled from her tight undergarments while performing a shrine dance, her male companion tries to relieve her of the constricting garment, only to punch him in response.
100 Jan. 16, 2017 "100 mark" Ai-chan comes home to the celebratory news that she has just reached a bust size of 100 cm (or around K cup).
101 Jan. 23, 2017 "nice coat."[notes vol4 3] Kouhai-chan meets up with Senpai while wearing a coat appropriate for winter (but not worn properly).
102 Jan. 30, 2017 "Research into medicine for burning chest fat." A scientist's experiment for a chemical that burns chest fat ends up burning something else.
103 Feb. 6, 2017 "Ummm... Is there something strange about the way I shake it after all...?" Getting a drink on a bar goes weird when the bartender becomes too self-aware of her actions.[notes vol4 4]
104 Feb. 13, 2017 "Shh!" The salaryman gets his Valentine's Day gift from Ai-chan a day too early.
105 Feb. 20, 2017 "...Aren't they a little too big?" Ai-chan's encounter with big-breasted figurines earned the salaryman a questionable look or two.
106 Feb. 27, 2017 "The perfect eye-level" Senpai gets an eyeful of his gorgeous junior.
107 Mar. 6, 2017 "Crammed novice flight attendant" Kouhai-chan gets some help from a well-endowed flight attendant during a business trip.
108 Mar. 13, 2017 "Oi, I'm going to the convenience store. What do you wan---" Staying in separate rooms, Senpai comes over to ask Kouhai-chan about any items to buy while he is in the convenience store, only to stumble upon Kouhai-chan who just finished taking a bath.
109 Mar. 20, 2017 "Scratch-scratch" Ai-chan spending time at home suddenly became a bit more cozy.
110 Mar. 27, 2017 "Hey, Sensei... You said 'After graduation', didn't you?" Introducing Maegami-chan, the smitten girl who waits for the perfect moment to take her teacher as a lover.
111 Apr. 3, 2017 "Mm... Come back soon, 'kay..." Maegami-chan, wearing only an oversized shirt, sees off her lover as he leaves for school.
112 Apr. 10, 2017 "Holding a place" Kouhai-chan prepares a spot for her and Senpai for flower-viewing.
113 Apr. 17, 2017 "Easter bunnies" Ai-chan and Kouhai-chan pose together wearing bunny-themed outfits for Easter.
114 Apr. 24, 2017 "Newcomer weather girl" A weather girl fumbles around while delivering the day's forecast. The news crew didn't seem to mind at all.
115 May 1, 2017 "Golden Week" Maegami-chan wakes up to the smell of warm drinks her lover has prepared in the morning.
116 May 8, 2017 "The Shogi club, where powers of concentration is honed." A member of the Shogi Club faces pressure against her opponent, who seems to have the upper hand.[notes vol4 5]
117 May 15, 2017 "Shoulder-rub sequence" The three ladies of Ai-chan's family spend their time massaging each other's shoulders, except for the youngest sibling.
118 May 22, 2017 "Roller coaster" Ai-chan and the salaryman go on a trip to the amusement park.
119 May 29, 2017 "Drain one large portion right away!" "Ah, yes!" Front-row seats are available for the best view of ramen serving. (It also costs extra.)
120 Jun. 5, 2017 "Two Girls, Three Valleys" Ai-chan and Volley-bu-chan team together to win the school's three-legged relay event.
121 Jun. 13, 2017 "I used to wear a sailor uniform, too.♪" Passing by a pair of schoolgirls was a reminder to Senpai that Kouhai-chan was also a student herself, and probably looked good back then.
122 Jun. 20, 2017 "Hmm... can I check the the thermometer for a second?~ ... Do you need the day off?" Waking up with a slight fever, the teacher gets all the care from Maegami-chan.
123 Jun. 27, 2017 "The rainy season can be a good thing.♥" Volley-bu-chan meets Ai-chan's younger sister during a downpour. The younger sister immediately falls for Volley-bu-chan's charm.
124 Jul. 3, 2017 "National Safety Week" A routine visit to the factory suddenly becomes a test of patience before the presence of "jiggly things".
125 Jul. 10, 2017 "Hm~? Didn't you say you weren't interested in that sort of thing?" Chia-chan finally reveals her alter ego as a rising gravure idol.
126 Jul. 17, 2017 "Ta dah! Take me to the beach!♡ Take me! To~ the bea~ch!!" At Marine Day, Maegami-chan insists her lover to bring her to the beach, but realizes that she needs to prepare more than just a two-piece bikini for that to happen.
127 Jul. 24, 2017 "When you see it..." A "ghost" steals a squeeze on Ai-chan's breasts, much to the surprise of everyone.
128 Jul. 31, 2017 "↓↑" Ai-chan once more torments the salaryman when an accident involving her phone falling to the train floor is followed by Ai-chan's breasts rubbing out the salaryman's perseverance.

Notes Edit

  1. Kagami mochi is a new year decoration consisting of two rice cakes stacked on top of each other.
  2. Kagami-biraki, known as "breaking the mochi", is a celebratory custom consisting of opening a kagami mochi at the moment of celebration.
  3. This is probably a reference to "nice boat", a meme associated with the finale episode of the anime series School Days.
  4. Among the bottles arranged behind the bartender are the following: Monday Whisky Tawawa, Große brüste, Brun Brun, Tequila Tetona Grandes and Big Titty, all of which are references to breasts.
  5. The board reveals that the Shogi Club member is at a disadvantage, with her King relatively exposed, and the opponent has more captured pieces to use. Moreover, the Shogi Club member's king is in check.

Uncompiled Illustrations Edit

No. Date Caption Description
129 Aug. 7, 2017 "Your shoulders are heavy? Let's just give in to that..." Ai-chan was alarmed by the "ghost-groping" incident and visited Jitome-chan for a possible exorcism. Jitome-chan instead consoled her for having such a big burden.
130 Aug. 14, 2017 "A cousin who found a job out in the city." Before moving to the city, Kouhai-chan was a country girl who spends summer days with a carefree lifestyle.
131 Aug. 21, 2017 "Fireworks, I see it from the bottom"[notes unc 1] Ai-chan, her younger sister, and Volley-bu-chan attend the local festival, and Volley-bu-chan gets a unique view of the fireworks display.
132 Aug. 28, 2017 "I could be persuaded to wear this... If you let me copy your homework." Chia Andou visits a classmate's house and agrees to wear the same bikini she used in a gravure shoot in exchange for a copy of his homework.[notes unc 2]
133 Sept. 4, 2017 "Tell us what you did over the break!" "Umm..." *glance* A girl at school undergoes a shocking change over the summer break.
134 Sept. 11, 2017 "Sensei ♡, you-for-got-this ♪" Maegami-chan returns to her alma mater bringing not only a bento box but the real deal between her and her teacher (and currently lover).
135 Sept. 18, 2017 "Low-pressure"[notes unc 3] Ai-chan and the salaryman share a moment together amid news of a low-pressure system approaching the region.
136 Sept. 25, 2017 ".... He was so cute.♡" Maegami-chan experiences a moment of holding a stranger's baby on a train ride with her lover.
137 Oct. 2, 2017 "...'Who's going to mend that shirt?'"[notes unc 4] Ai-chan enjoys a movie with her mother and younger sister, and ends up losing two buttons in the excitement.
138 Oct. 9, 2017 "Hold on...! I'll...go..." Chia-chan's suggestions eventually bring her and her classmate to a trip to the school gym's storage room.
139 Oct. 16, 2017 "Employees' trip to the hot springs" Kouhai-chan and Senpai go for a trip with the company's sales department on a hot springs inn. Kouhai-chan easily used her assets to win the ping-pong tournament.
140 Oct. 23, 2017 "Employees' trip to the hot springs (part 2)" Kouhai-chan ends up enjoying far too much with the massage chairs that Senpai had to keep the others from seeing her in pleasure.
141 Oct. 30, 2017 "C'mon, one more round...♡" (Employees' trip to the hot springs (part 3)) Already tipsy, Kouhai-chan spends the time playing strip mahjong.[notes unc 5]
142 Nov. 6, 2017 "The swaying of ripened fruit" Ai-chan and the salaryman go on a trip to an apple orchard, where the fruits are always swaying and ripe for the picking.
143 Nov. 13, 2016 "Jeez... Hold them down properly, will you" Chia-chan does some sit-ups with her friend to assist her.
144 Nov. 20, 2016 "A new feedback controller based on human engineering" A blindfolded Ai-chan plays a console game with her younger sister. Meanwhile, Volley-bu-chan uses Ai-chan's breasts to "steer" her.[notes unc 6]
145 Nov. 27, 2016 "So uh... Is there something peculiar about how I aim with the cue?" The self-aware bartender (see #103) tries to learn how to play billiards.
146 Dec. 4, 2017 "Sorry!♡" Chia-chan inadvertently drags her childhood friend into the spotlight as news of the two sharing a bicycle ride together spread on the same magazine that covers Chia-chan as a gravure model.
147 Dec. 11, 2017 "Holstein"[notes unc 7] In a dairy milk farm, a girl who operates a milking machine tends to the cows that assume she's similar to them somehow.
148 Dec. 18. 2017 "H-Here's your order of two breasts for take out, sir!" A well-endowed employee of a chicken fastfood chain hands over the customer's order of two pieces of chicken breasts.
149 Dec. 25, 2017 "I'm here to deliver the cake you ordered" Ai-chan, wearing her bread shop uniform, comes home bringing a cake.
150 Jan. 1, 2018 "1. Fuji, 2. Hawk, 3. Eggplant"[notes unc 8] Maegami-chan returns with a good-luck charm from the local shrine, while her lover wakes up from the year's first dream.
151 Jan. 8, 2018 "Temporary part-time shrine maiden work" Ai-chan goes to Jitome-chan's family shrine as a part-time shrine maiden.
152 Jan. 15, 2018 "Sweet wine from Kodakara-kami" An innocent offer of amazake by Ai-chan to Jitome-chan suddenly becomes a moment of indecent exposure.

Notes Edit

  1. The title is a reference to the anime film "Fireworks, Should We See It from the Side or the Bottom?", which was shown on theaters in Japan on August 18, 2017.
  2. Chia-chan's classmate hides his posters of Chia-chan behind baseball posters.
  3. The original term, 低血圧, is used in meteorology as a "low pressure area" that brings storms, and can also be interpreted as "bad temper" or "foul mood".
  4. Ai-chan and her younger sister are watching the movie Laputa: Castle in the Sky. The shirt-bursting scene is one such scene in the movie.
  5. The tiles on Kouhai-chan's hand is called "thirteen orphans", where the player has 1 and 9 of each simple suit, one of each wind, one of each dragon and in addition one extra piece of any of those thirteen elements.
  6. Ai-chan uses a Nintendo Switch JoyCon while her younger sister uses a Nintendo Switch Pro controller.
  7. Holstein Friesian cattle, also known as simply Holsteins, is a breed of cattle known for its high production of dairy products.
  8. Dreaming of Mt. Fuji, hawks and eggplants in the new year is considered a sign of good luck. (See also Hatsuyume on Wikipedia)
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